5 Types of Shutters for Windows for 2023 

5 Types of Shutters for Windows for 2023 

Plantation Shutters Houston

When it comes to window dressings, most people consider curtains and blinds, without considering Plantation Shutters Houston. Or, they usually consider exterior window shutters of the board as well as batten shutters style. Interior shutters are a useful option that brings warmth, security, and visual luxury to your house. 

There are a wide variety of Plantation Shutters Houston styles out there, but knowing the difference between the kinds and the various benefits they provide can be unclear, so here is a quick overview. 

The Different Types of Window Shutters for 2023 

There is a wide variety of Plantation Shutters Houston available now, both in the materials used and in the choice of shapes and styles. Here is a rundown of the most popular window shutter styles. 

  1. Full Height Shutters

Full-height window shutters run in a sole unit from top to bottom, the entire height of the window. The elegant and classic positionable slats allow light to filter in while keeping privacy. A full-height shutter can work in maximum rooms, however, it really creates an effect on tall windows, like this living room, or where there is a big area of glass that would accommodate a row of shutters. 

  1. Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Window Shutters come in top and bottom sections that can be opened freely, providing you extreme control of privacy and light. Staggered shutters can be used throughout the house, wherever you need to balance privacy with the requirement for light, for example- a bedroom or bathroom. However, they are also ideal for a study, where the bottom half can keep out prying eyes watching computer technology on display, though the top half can be opened to allow sufficient light in while you work. 

  1. Cafe Shutters

Cafe Window Shutters are placed at the bottom of the window to keep privacy while still letting light in through the transparent top of the window. This kind of Plantation Shutters Houston is perfect for overlooked front-facing windows, to stop passersby from viewing in while still letting light in, or for rooms where the illusion of privacy is needed although it is not overlooked, for example- bathrooms or bedrooms on upper floors. They add character also and charm and are a better way to create independence in your house. 

  1. Tracked Shutters

Specific door styles need to be tracked shutters to fit firmly without impeding their opening mechanisms. The range of elegant and simple track and sliding shutters do that, making sure of a smooth and effortless transition. From hothouses to extended living rooms and dining rooms with patios for alfresco dining, a tracked shutter is the perfect choice to allow you to move flawlessly between indoors and outdoors. 

  1. Shaped Shutters

Not all windows are the same, nor are shutters. Make a statement with shaped shutters if your home has uniquely shaped windows. Particularly designed blinds and single moldings can be personalized to fit arched windows, porthole windows, in addition to many more. Bespoke shutters are perfect for impressive architectural structures like this gable in an extended living room, with expert craftsmanship to ensure a precise fit on profiled, full-height as well as tracked shutters. 


Plantation Shutters Houston is a better solution for controlling light and privacy in any room. They are available now in a variety of styles, including full-height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, cafe shutters, louvered window shutters, or a solid design, they can also be installed in a wide variety of situations, including bay shutters. Read more.